The History of Public Relations

What happens when an organization goes through a publicity crisis or needs to communicate important company news to its audience? Who handles the communications with the media and the public? The public relations practitioner does it, among other tasks that involves an organizations’ need of communicating with its publics. Continue reading The History of Public Relations

Public Relations and The World

Public relations are practices and procedures that organizations perform with the goal of improve their relationship with their public. Its rapid growth around the world and the needs to change its image from the public, has demanded from the public relations field the need to set many global organizations with the goal to enforce the use of ethics and best practices in the profession. These changes are resulting in an field that is more systematic, synchronized and globally integrated. Furthermore, Doug Newsom (2013), explains that the use of the right methods and concepts to this practice has helped the public relations profession to become a respectable and necessary field, as furthered explained below. Continue reading Public Relations and The World