Content Writing Services – Outsource or In-House?

Last updated on May 2nd, 2018 at 01:10 pm

A great dilemma that any small business owner has is: “Should I pay my employees to do my content writing marketing or should I hire a outsource content writing services?” Many factors should need consideration, and unless the owner itself have the time to do or oversee all the marketing content, posting and monitoring results, then your company should outsource this services. Let’s get more into details and some simple math to understand this conclusion. To summarize, it all comes down to training, reliability and time.

The Real Cost of Paying an Employee for In-House Content Marketing

The costs os paying an employee to be responsible for your marketing and content creation is not little, and the hidden cost can be much higher than you think. Content marketing takes time and knowledge to create the right content. Let’s consider working with social media platforms, blogs creation, simple video creation and graphics for example. These are the most used venue for content creation and distribution.It takes from an employee about 2-4 hrs a day minimum to create, post and monitor marketing content for at least three days a week. That means anywhere from $80-100/day – $300 a week and totaling at $1,200 monthly cost, not counting the training and supervision costs for this same employee.

Not Enough Training Can be Costly to Your Business

Your designated employee will not have the right knowledge, and professional training necessary for the professional content creation and consistency. We are in a very competitive internet marketing age, and the most crucial part of any social media marketing plan is audience engagement and a well-planned marketing strategy. It’s is very important to understand your audience when creating content to keep your business around nurturing your future and present clients. Missing those cues from your audience can add up even more to the cost of using an in-house employee to do your content creation marketing.

Employees Can Leave Their Job at Any Moment.

There’s a big reliability problem when having your employees to take care of your business content creation marketing. Employees eventually leave and move on to something different. They will take with them all the knowledge acquired by managing your content marketing. Your business, on the other hand, will be left in the middle of important projects and now you will most likely have to start all over again.

Outsourcing Your Content Writing Services

After all said and done, no wonder so many companies now outsource their content creation and marketing. The advantages of not having any of the problems mentioned above are so much more that all you have left is to look for a great writer with the passion for what they do and the knowledge to help you with your marketing needs.

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