Finding the Right Target Audience

As much as marketers wish they could reach everyone, the reality is that when the marketing message is too general, then the message loses its effectiveness. By keeping a specific audience in mind, the marketing message is more transparent, more relevant and more efficient.

Benefits of Establishing a Target Audience

When it comes to the audience, effective marketing is a combination of putting the right product and service in front of the right people, at the right time. One of the most significant benefits of reaching the right audience is that this audience has an interest in what that company has to offer.

In other words, the company’s product or service is relevant to that target audience. Targeting audience can also help businesses build relationships and stay relevant. When companies communicate with too many different audiences, they end up not communicating at all, consequently, wasting their marketing efforts (Arrow, n.d.).

Ways to Segment a Target Audience

Furthermore, according to Mash Boningala (2007), different aspects can help companies segment audiences. Understanding who the audience is can help businesses craft a more effective message that will be specific to that segment .

  • Geographics shows the audience’s relation to location, seasons and population size.
  • Demographics show the audience’s public information like age, gender, marital status, educational status, nationality, religion, ethnicity, profession, and income.
  • Psychographics is the hardest aspect of segmentation and the most valuable because they show the audiences social behavior, lifestyle, interests, views or opinions, hobbies, and values.

In summary, there are many research results available online  that can help businesses get started with audience segmentation. Therefore,  in a marketing strategy, adding more specific aspects — according to the points mentioned above — to a target audience will ultimately create a more effective marketing plan.


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