Guidelines for Business Online Writing

Writing is one of the fundamentals of communications, and when it comes to the online world, writing is the primary method used for communication. Therefore, the effectiveness of online writing skills is imperative.

The Goal of Good Business Writing

In essence, good writing, no matter the length of it, has as a goal to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time. Also, good writing is composed of several elements that are essential to creating a clear and concise message that will achieve the goal of the author.

  • Briefness: Keeping the writing brief means keeping the language concise or straightforward.
  • Preciseness: It is important to write with clarity and accuracy and avoid vagueness.
  • Active Voice: Using of verbs in an active voice mode maintains the reader engaged and connected.
  • Imaginative: Using the right analogies or comparisons to help the reader visualize the message is the most crucial aspect of good writing.
  • Directness: Including short and direct sentences creates a reaction from the reader making the writing more engaging.
  • Consistency: keeping the verb tense, singularity, and plurality the same throughout the writing is essential for unity.
  • Awareness: Being aware of moral, ethics and legal aspects of writing is a must for a successful writer.

The Need to Create Good Writing

Nowadays, good online writing has proven to be essential. Following the best practices on writing for online platforms is a must for publishers and companies at a global level. Now more than ever.

To summarize, there are many businesses and organizations that have not yet understood and adopted the practice of effective online writing. Therefore, it is beneficial when a company decides to re-access their writing content among all its online channels. It does not only improves the quality of its content but it also attracts a bigger audience that is interest on the content it has to offer.


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