Marketing on Facebook

Being the most extensive social network in the world, Facebook has become the leading channel for marketing.

Marketing on Facebook is an excellent opportunity for companies to expose their names to their Facebook’s audience and this is a fact that businesses cannot ignore. There are a few ways that a company can present its name to its Facebook business page followers or the entire Facebook’s audience. Some methods are more efficient than the others, but when used in combination these methods can become very effective for any company’s social media plan.

News & Events

This is probably one of the most challenging ways for a business to market itself. Being newsworthy is very rewarding and when done with the right public relations practices, is one of the most effective ways to build a company’s brand (Forbes, 2014). People love news, and they appreciate a company’s that promote events to entertain or help the local community.

Business Page’s Posts

This method is always shown to followers of a company’s page. In this process is where a business page has the most significant chance to stay relevant to their followers by offering useful and helpful content and excellent customer service. When posts are engaging and relevant, followers will share it with their friends. Posts help companies by increasing its community, increasing feedback and increasing traffic to websites (Zimmerman, 2017).

Shared Posts

When a post is shared it is a sign that a company’s is posting the right posts. Shared posts are the best way to have exposure to a company’s name and brand recognized, and it is a robust method to increase the number of followers (Zimmerman, 2017).


Facebook has now released a feature called the Recommendations. However, suggestions have been on the platform since Facebook started. In traditional marketing, when someone recommended a business, it was called the word-of-mouth marketing. Nowadays in the digital world, when a friend suggests a company on Facebook, it is also considered word-of-mouth marketing, and it is the most powerful and efficient method (Mullaney, 2017).

Paid Ads

Paid advertisement requires financial budget but is probably the best way to start a Facebook page and to build its community. There are several methods to advertise on Facebook. From promoted post and sponsored stories to direct ads redirect the audience to the company’s website, these methods can be useful when done correctly. The most critical element to keep in mind when creating ads is the target audience. Knowing your audience characteristics and interests is the best way to publish relevant ads that will be effective (Christiansen, 2017).

My Social Media Experience

Being involved with social media has become a daily habit on a personal level. Social media is the way that I stay in touch with my family and friends that are afar. It is also a way that I search for knowledge in other people’s experiences. When I am scrolling down my news-feed, my priorities are in the following order: My friend’s original posts, my friends shared posts and posts from pages that I follow.

Personal Opinion on Paid Ads

When I see a promoted or sponsored ad, I first see if it’s relevant to me. Unfortunately, most of the time it is not. However, one time I remember seeing an S.N.H.U. ad for the online Bachelors in Communications. I clicked on that ad. As a result, here I am, going for my bachelor’s degree with a year and a half left to finish it.

My final take is, when an ad, a shared post, an event, a news post or a recommendation post is relevant to the reader, it becomes effective.


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