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Last updated on May 2nd, 2018 at 10:12 am

When it comes to search engine optimization, there are so many questions and minimal answers. What are the best practices so you can have your website rank at the top of google’s search results? Many tactics are available out there, but the truth is that search engine optimization is simpler than you imagine and you just need to focus on three things. Content, Robots, and links.

Content First!

What Google wants from a real website owner is for them to use good content practices and keep a website relevant to the business audience. Some people start by picking their keywords for a page first and then try to adjust their writing to those keywords, and the results are a poorly put together and not professional page. First, concentrate on your content, what you will offer to your visitors, and after the page is ready, then you pick the most important words out of the rich content you just created. You get your keywords out of your content, not your content out of your keywords.

Make Your Content Readable.

Google bots are the functions from search engines that visit your site constantly looking for updates so they can index your site. Those robots love plain text writing, so if you have many pictures or fancy intro flashes on your website, make sure they have an “ALT” text in their description, so these bots can read them and then index your page. When it comes to flash presentations, unless you need it, you should not consider it as your content.

Get Other Websites To Link To Yours.

Most important than anything is to show that your have authority in your subject, so having sites that rank high in google’s searches results, to link back to you is an excellent way to do just that. In this subject is where social media comes in very handy. Every time you create a profile for your business on those large platforms with high PR (page ranking), your are creating a link to your website and therefore creating quality linking back to your site.

In summary, just keep in mind that if you offer great relevant content in your website to your audience, ranking high on search engines will be just a result of your good SEO practices as a site owner. 

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