Social Media for Business Done the Right Way

Every user in social media has one time or another run into an annoying ad or post from a business page that posts too much of something that is not relevant. Most of the time because the post focuses on the company instead of the audience. The mistake of not being relevant often happens, and it happens to companies that have not understood the concept of social media, have not set its goals and objectives and have not learned about its target audience.

Social Media Goals

First of all, business goals with social media will set the path for a well planned social media marketing strategy. Objectives are essential for the layout of the project on social media networks. Questions a marketer should ask to set the goals and objectives straight.

Q: Is the company trying to increase its brand awareness?
A: In this case, choosing content that is informative and helpful to the audience will let people know about the company.
Q: Is the company trying to solidify its image through public relations?
A: In this case, helping customers and offering content that is helpful to customers and individuals involved in any way, will help to strengthen the relationship between the organization and its stakeholders.
Q: Is the company trying to increase the sale of services or products?
A: In this case, posting content that helps the audience understand the benefits of the products and services will help the company drive traffic to its website and hopefully convert the audience into customers.

Social Media Audience

The best way for a business to be able to design a social media marketing is by first setting its goals and objectives and second by knowing its audience. Learning about the audience geographic, demographic, social and cultural aspects will help the company to chose the right content and the right posting frequency for the audience. Some questions can include:

  • Where to find the target audience online?
  • What social media network they use the most?
  • What do they say about similar companies with similar products and services?
  • What time of the day and what days of the week is the audience most active in the social media network they use?
  • What type of content do they like the most?

Social Media Channels

Choosing the right channels is crucial for a successful social media marketing campaign. Social media marketing is not about quantity, but it is about quality. A company should concentrate its marketing efforts on the most appropriate social media channel. Too many channels can dilute the company’s marketing efforts.

Social media networks have different audiences; therefore, not all channels are appropriate for a company. After establishing the best channels that align with the company’s goals, then the marketing strategy should be placed, however, always with the target audience as a center of every content creation decision.


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