Social Media Marketing For The Self Employed

Last updated on April 12th, 2018 at 09:16 am

Being self-employed can be just as – if not more- challenging than starting a small business. When it comes to promoting your professional services, you must concentrate on creating an image to your business, but as self-employed, this process is not natural because you are the face of your business; therefore, you must market your business around your image.

For many independent professionals like personal trainers, psychologists, nutritionists or basically anyone that offers independent professional services, marketing yourself as the face of your business can be a two-sided edged sword. That’s why a social media marketing should have a unique plan. There are pros and cons to representing your business, but if designed correctly you can become very good at marketing yourself and have an incredible career.

Your Image is Your Best Marketing Tool.

One of the biggest advantages of being a self-employed professional is trust. People believe more when they know who they are dealing with, and that is why, when marketing yourself on social media or in any other venue, your image will be your main business card. When creating your profiles on social media make sure you include a professional yet friendly headshot of yourself, your bio, your goals for your services, and why your audience needs your services or products. Think of your profile as a resume, and this is how you should present yourself.

Present Yourself as a Person, not a Working Machine.

When offering your professional services on your social media profile, you should have specific working hours and particular days off. People will follow what you provide and the way you offer it, but it is up to you to set limitations on your hours of services. Do not try to provide more time than you can handle and that way your audience will always have realistic expectations.

Provide Your Audience Educational Material About Your Services

By providing your followers, informational content about your industry, it will keep your audience always engaged and wanting to know more about you. It will also set you as an expert in your field and therefore creating trust and reputation rapidly. Have a broad range of information and do not be only about your services. Post valuable material and consistently. Create a posting schedule and follow it so your audience can always expect some information from you.

Be  Careful When Posting Personal Information.

Many articles will tell you to share personal things with your audience, and that is correct to an extent. The best way to be private when it comes to your professional profile is to post the type of media of “behind the stage” information. For instance, if you are traveling to a conference, go ahead and post a picture you in the plane, a picture with your co-workers, or any post that has to do with your professional life. As long as your posts are related to your work, it will only benefit you and make your audience refer to you.

Negative Feedback Can Hurt More on a Personal Level.

Unfortunately, when you are self-employed, and for some reason, you get negative feedback from a past client, you may tend to take it very personally because it is feedback on your image and your services. You must be ready for those circumstances and know how to react if you ever find yourself in that situation. Always address the issue and never hide from it. Try to work it out with your client and never let it escalate. More important is, if you are always clear about your services hours, time expected for results, you will be reducing chances for negative comments. The best way to avoid negative feedback is to make sure your clients and audience know what to expect from you.

Doing social media marketing as a self-employed professional can be very rewarding, and the results can happen much faster. Just make sure you have your plan ready and most important, honor what you promise as a professional and you will be successful.

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