Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

Last updated on May 2nd, 2018 at 10:13 am

Before social media, small businesses depended mainly on the word of mouth advertising venue. Now the chances to explore and increase advertising for small businesses have increased by far with the introduction of social media. Social media is nothing less than people talking to other people in a virtual place about several subjects including their favorite places to go, sharing their photos, updating their status and so on.

Do Not Be Intrusive

With the introduction of social media, your small businesses or professional services have an excellent opportunity on its hands, just follow simple steps, and you are on your way to social media success. From posting on Facebook to updating your status on Twitter; posting a picture on Instagram and even create some funny faces on Snapchat; social media is a place that your customers enjoy to be, and with that in mind, the most important aspect to remember is not to be intrusive.

Pick the Right Platforms

Networks like Twitter are perfect for your business customer services and latest news. The key to finding success on social media is to be on the social network your customers are, and Twitter can help your business build relationships with clients, and connect you with the businesses and communities in which you are interested. Study your platforms and see what age and lifestyles their audiences are primarily.

Use image-based networks like Instagram and Pinterest to sell your products and services. Spending time posting your products and services with images can be a great way to promote them. Search around and look how your competitors use images to promote their products and try to be creative with your pictures.

Use a professional network like LinkedIn to reach out to other professionals in your community. LinkedIn has become the fastest growing professional network, and it is wise to have an active and complete professional profile and also have a profile for your company. It will immensely help your online reputation as a business owner and as a credible business.

Use Facebook and Google+ as your welcome business pages. You should consider these two networks as extensions of your website, and they should be as complete and as relevant as your business website. Facebooks ads and Facebook ads for posts are an excellent and affordable way to promote your page.

Post Smart, Helpful and Entertaining

Social media will increase your reach and improve your online search results. By using social media regularly for your business, you will be reaching out to a much bigger audience and therefore expand and solidify the reputation of your business. Having larger audience driven to your business website will eventually improve and increase your search results on the most important search engines, however, do not forget to post often but not excessively. Although social media may seem a bit complicated for many small business owners, it is an essential tool to keep your business updated and with a little bit of dedication, you will bring your business results.

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