The Right Tone, Voice and Design for Online Content

Choosing the right voice, tone and the right design style are essential for online content creation. They will help a web page be more engaging and more comfortable for readers to navigate.

According to Brian Carroll (2014), the voice and tone are essential because they create the connection with the reader as if it was a conversation; therefore, making the content engaging by being authentic and original. The style of the design on the webpage will also help with making the content engaging because it supports the tone by maintaining consistency throughout the page.

Voice & Tone

In general, according to Wheaton College Writing Center, the voice is unique to every writer as it shows the words that a writer chooses to express himself or herself, and it is always constant. However, the tone is an element that changes depending on the situation. The tone should always be appropriate to the audience and the purpose of the content.

There are different tones in writing, and various audiences or different goals require different tones:

  • Objective vs. Subjective. 
  • Logical vs. Emotional. 
  • Intimate vs. Distant. 
  • Serious vs. Funny.
  • Casual vs. Formal.

Nevertheless, an essential aspect for the professional writer should be adjusting the tone to the audience’s environment, like social media platforms. Another crucial aspect is that the professional writer stay consistent with the company’s overall tone (Carroll, 2014).

Design Elements to Enhance Voice & Tone

In the same token, visual elements like images, videos, infographics, navigation, shapes, colors, and typefaces make a digital screen easier to understand and more interactive resulting in increased engagement from the reader. However, multimedia elements should match the text voice and tone. This task can be difficult to achieve because of different people creating different parts of a web page; therefore, an editor should always make sure all elements are consistent with the overall goal (Carroll, 2014).

An Example: The Geico Insurance Campaign

As an example, the Insurance company Geico is a company that is consistent with their tone on the internet — including their social media platforms — and traditional media. They focus on a younger audience that looks for a more affordable cost for insurance. No matter where they appear, their tone is always young, casual and helpful. Their multimedia always include images that are most of the time cartoons or pictures and videos that are directed to a younger audience.

In conclusion, keeping the audience and purpose in mind when creating the content is crucial. The voice, tone, and design style should enhance each other on a web page, and be consistent with the overall goal of the organization.


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