Time to Rethink Your Web Content Plan

Last updated on May 3rd, 2018 at 10:40 am

Many companies still struggle with what type of web content to create for their websites and social media channels or its distribution through the internet. When you find yourself posting daily and sometimes even more than once a day but have hit a wall on getting through your audience, then maybe you should reassess and try to understand your web content and channels first, and that could be the solution for your battles. Are you using the right platforms and the right content for your distribution? Are you talking to the right audience? Is your content suitable for the channels you are choosing?

The Right Web Content for Your Audience

Your audience is by far, the number one most important aspect to keep in mind when creating your content. After done sorting the basic demographics of your audience like age, gender, profession, and location, you should then sort it out by the types of readers you have. There are three types of users in your audience.  They are the users A, B, and C.

  • User A – The first reader is the one that is not looking for your products or services and does not know about your business, but one day he may need your products and services.
  • User B – The second type of reader is the one looking for the same goods or services you offer but does not know about your business.
  • User C– The last user is the one that knows of your products and services and just needs a little more information to make up his mind.

The Right Web Content for The Right Platforms

Once you understand your audience or readers, you can choose the platforms where you can find them. This subject is usually where business owners and entrepreneurs make most mistakes. Reason why you should try to understand it the most.

  • User A -The majority of this audience is on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest as well as readers on LinkedIn and Twitter. These readers are not there to find products and services. They are there to socialize and to be entertained. They do not want to have their news feed interrupted by ads. If they need your products and services, they will search for it online.
  • User B – Even though this audience is part of the social media community, they are searching on google or any other website that has reviews about businesses. Searching is the way they will find the business of their choice; either by organic results, local results, reviews, or paid ads.
  • User C – The users in this audience have already found your products or services and are reading your content on your website. This user wants to know more about your business and is probably ready to invest in what you have to offer. As long as he finds the information for which he is looking.

The Right Web Content for the Right Post Type

Once you have been able to find your audience and understand who they are, is time to start redesigning your content creation and distribution.

  • User A – These users should be approached with posts that will make them aware of your products or services. The posting to this audience should be made of informational posts about your industry or content that is motivational, inspirational and useful to them. Videos, podcasts, images and GIF’s are the types of posts they will most likely show engagement. Never post invasive or sales oriented content to them. Let them know that you are there to help.  Think community. Think of ways to show them about your company. Your business goals. How invested your business is in changing and helping your local community.
  • User B – These readers are looking for the same products and services you offer,. When it comes to investing your money in marketing, this platform is where you should invest. Look into investing in search engine optimization, paid ads, articles and content writing and any other venue that can help them find your business.
  • User C – These readers have already found you.However, they may not be ready to buy yet. However, they are eager to get as much as information as possible to help them make up their mind. Here is where you should invest in free information. Blogs subscriptions, newsletters, and E-books are great ways to keep the nurturing process going until they are ready to finish the process. Also, do not forget to keep rewarding the ones that have already done business with you. They can be the of word-of-mouth for your business and let others know about it.

You Can Always Start Again

Have you started in the wrong foot? It’s okay. You can always restart again and redesign your business image. As you can see, social media is not a place to be pushing sales pitches. Social media channels are for your business to build its image, represent knowledge and inspire trust. Traditional ways of marketing are long gone. The good news is, as a business owner, you can directly control how to invest in your content distribution plan. Do not be afraid to invest on where you need to spend. Content creation and distribution have long-lasting effects and enormous rewards when done correctly.

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