Website Visitors Need to Be Helped, Not Impressed.

Last updated on May 3rd, 2018 at 08:25 am

Business owners have finally understood the importance of having a website, but now the biggest challenge is for them to know how valuable the content of their website is. Search engines are currently ranking higher scores to websites that publish educational and informational content. What this result means is that the more the same visitors comes back to visit a website, that means they have found high-quality content that can help them. A website’s content should be created to help their visitors and not impress them.

Website Visitors Are Not Buyers Yet

According to Mothernode (2016.), a study confirmed that 75% of your website visitors are not ready to buy your products and services. What this shows is that they are in the awareness stage; which means, they are aware of their problem, and they are researching more about what is causing that problem. They are looking for information. They are not looking for websites that only offer sales pitches or companies that just talk about themselves. They are searching for real and useful information.

How to Give Visitors What They Need?

First of all, website owners need to stop writing to impress their visitors with their companies achievements and success and start creating meaningful relationships with their visitors; and how can they do that? By offering useful and helpful articles, blogs, newsletters, videos, or any other technologies that will help them achieve this goal. There are many venues out there, but blogging is by far the one with the quickest results. Search engines love blogs on websites because they always offer fresh and new information.

What Information Should A Website Offer?

Blogs or articles are an excellent opportunity to show that a company is unbiased and their visitor’s needs are their number one priority. Writing about the visitor’s concerns and educating them, or even helping them on their journey to find the solution for their problem without offering or selling their product and services, is the key to nurturing visitors. A great place to start is writing about the company’s industry like for example new trends, question & answers, or “how-to-do.” type of content.

The Inbound Marketing Methodology

This new marketing concept is called the Inbound Methodology and is being practiced more and more by many companies. It is how search engine currently ranks websites, and it is proven to be the best marketing method. Inbound Marketing is about being ready to help visitors when they first find the company and keep supporting them until they are. One aspect to keep in mind is that content marketing takes time, patience, and dedication but has ever-lasting rewards (Julia Mccoy, 2017).

Only One Chance for The First Impression

Like that proverb says, ” There is only one opportunity to make the first time impression.” The impression that visitors have when visiting a company’s website for the first time is what will set the path for them to become more and more interested in what that company offers, or just get off their website and never come back.


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