Why is LinkedIn Important?

LinkedIn is important as a professional network dedicated to business networking and is social media channel. It offer various technologies designed for its niche audience. This social media platform of professionally oriented users is growing at an exponential pace.

LinkedIn Audience

As a professional audience, the LinkedIn’s audience is formed of professional adult users of 18 years of age and older — the majority being between the ages of 30-49 years old — that are interested in networking with future employers, colleagues, customers, or prospective customers. The audience at LinkedIn is always listening and eager for learning and finding business or work opportunities (Guimaraes, 2015).

LinkedIn Features

When it comes to features, according to Jason McDonald (2018), the user’s dashboard for LinkedIn offers many features for users to interact and network with other users and other companies.

  • LinkedIn offers a robust user’s profile that can almost mirror a resume. It is made to highlight users’ work history, work skills, work achievements and so on.
  • LinkedIn offers groups to companies with their company’s page. Companies can create groups and add individuals or other organizations that share the same interests.
  • LinkedIn offers “Company Pages” for businesses that need to show a complete business profile. This feature also includes analytics tools to measure exposure and engagement for companies’ profiles.
  • LinkedIn offers a robust in-mail system where users can contact each. This feature is essential for networking.
  • LinkedIn also offers native ads and sponsored stories, and these features also come with an analytics tool to measure campaign success.

LinkedIn Best Practices

When it comes to best practices on LinkedIn, John DiMarco (2017) explains that the best methods for content creation involve the same basic concepts as creating content for any other social media network. The audience on LinkedIn is a busy working audience with limited time for social media. Some essential points to always keep in mind when posting on LinkedIn.

  • Keep posts short and brief.
  • Do not post too much and do not push sales content.
  • Post creative, informative, professional and educational content.
  • Appreciate and be responsive to engagement and feedback.
  • Use videos and images, however, keep videos short and to the point.
  • Post regularly.
  • Partner with influencers in the same industry.

My Experience with LinkedIn

In my experience, I have had my LinkedIn profile for some time and I enjoy the engagement from my connections when I post. However, LinkedIn is not a network where I can post anything I wish like I do on Facebook, so my posts are always related to my work as a freelancer on Upwork. LinkedIn is not a platform that I use for personal sharing, however, is a very effective platform to use for professional growth.

The Overall Benefits

In summary, when it comes to LinkedIn networking and marketing, companies and individuals should choose a well-segmented audience on LinkedIn. Personally, I have tried to keep my posts relevant to my audience. I firmly believe that relevant content is the key. Keeping the network in the same industry is crucial to keep the interest of your audience because they share the same interests in the marketing message.


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